Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Touch My Hand & My Hands - David Archuletta

I just posted whole album from David Archuleta and here are i took 2 for you from his new song from that album is called '' Touch My Hand & My Hands'' because we were heard before is just clip and now i post with full length ( HQ )...enjoy!!!! and also this song request by kteka...

Touch My Hand - David Archuletta

My Hands

David Archuleta ( New Album )

Tracks Listing :

1 Crush
2 Touch My Hand
3 Barriers
4 My Hands
5 A Little Too Not Over You
6 You Can
7 Running
8 Desperate
9 To Be with You
10 Don't Let Go
11 Your Eyes Don't Lie
12 Angels

David Archuleta ( new album

Just go directly if u want to download this album before blogger delete the link ...thank's for jessica for this...enjoy!!!